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Okonomiyaki Ko - Flour Mix - 500 gr / 200 gr

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Flour mix for making okonomiyaki. The standard recipe is to add chopped cabbage, eggs, water, and spring onion in the mix, but in reality you can add anything you like, as there are endless variations for okonomiyaki. Some add cooked rice, others cooked noodles, pieces of cooked vegetables, fish or shellfish. Some regions make delicious okonomiyaki with fresh oysters. But the simple version is the one mentioned, and then with thinly sliced (not smoked) pork on top. Usually the recipe will state that you should cook it on a hot plate, but it's no problem ti use a frying pan, as long as you have a lid for it. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

Okonomiyaki is served with Otafuku Okonomi Sauce spread on top, Kenko mayonnaise in thin strip across, and lastly a handfull of Wadakyu Katuobushi Bonito Flakes are added on top, so they dance around. Most will also sprinkle Aosa on top.

We offer two sizes - a pack of 500 gr, which makes about 10 servings of okonomiyaki, and a pack of 200 gr, which makes around 4 servings.

Country of origin: Japan

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We are frequently adding new recipes to our Inspiration blog, so check in once in a while to see if more great dishes have shown up. If you're looking for a recipe, then write us!

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