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Takoyaki Ko - flour mix - 500 gr *stop food waste*

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*Best before 12/08 2022 - usually good after*

Takoyaki are delicious dough balls fried in oil, and which are traditionally filled with bits of boiled octopus (tako - not to confuse with the Mexican ones!). In Japan there are appliances just for making takoyaki, but in Denmark you can luckily just use a pan for "æbleskiver"! You pour the mix and a bit of filling in each hole and fry until it's firm in the bottom, then turn in sideways with a fork, and finally flip it upside down. Now you have a smoking hot delicacy, which of course is served with Okonomi Sauce, Aosa, mayonnaise and bonito flakes on top.

This pack is 500 gr.

Country of origin: Japan

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