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Trade Terms

Sales and delivery terms:

Prices and delivery terms stated are liable to changes and valid as long as stocks last. All prices include Danish VAT, but do not include delivery cost, which are paid by the customer. Goods are shipped by GLS to private addresses or a GLS parcel shop of the customer's choice, but it's also possible to arrange pickup from Yoshiya. Contact us to arrange pickup by sending a message on Messenger via our Facebook page or write an e-mail to

Orders that contain products, which cannot be delivered from stock, are immediately backordered with the same liabilities as mentioned above. Backorders are normally delivered 5-10 work days after ordering, and in case this isn't possible, you will be contacted by Yoshiya with alternative options. In case of serious delays, the remainder of the order will be delivered first, and the missing product will be delivered later. The delivery is always accompanied by a packing slip, while the invoice is sent by e-mail separately. Yoshiya will always strive to live up to the delivery deadline, and orders placed before 20:00 will be shipped by GLS or be ready for pickup the following work day. Any order is liable for delays or missing delivery due to force majeure or other factors not in our control. Unless another agreement has been made, Yoshiya decides which method of transport to use. Any shipment is at the customer's cost and risk, regardless of Yoshiya paying the freight costs or not, and regardless of which shipping method is used. Transport insurance is only offered on the client's specific request and in that case to be paid by the client. Orders can be shipped to a GLS Parcel Shop of your choice for 39 kr, or to a private residence for 69 kr. Please note that GLS don't accept packages weighing more than 20 kgs, so for this reason it will will only be possible to select the shipping rates if the total weight of the package doesn't exceed 19.5 kgs, as the packaging also weighs a bit. If the items in the shopping basked exceed a total weight of 19.5 kgs, it will for this reason not be possible to select anything else than pickup from Yoshiya. Naturally, it's always possible to place more than one order and have them shipped, as long as each one doesn't exceed the weight limit.

Frozen items can be shipped, but cannot be kept frozen during transportation, as Yoshiya cannot use dry ice for shipping. Items shipped with GLS will thaw during shipment, but the large part of the products will be fine in the refrigerator after receipt - though of course with shortened expiration dates, and they can naturally not be frozen again. A few items are not suitable for shipping this way, and we strongly recommend not to have Mochi Ice, Gyoza, or Ebi Fry shipped. In case Yoshiya has second hand thermal boxes in stock, frozen items can be shipped in one at not extra charge for the client, but if the client wants to be sure to have items shipped in a thermal box, it will be possible to buy one as a product in the shop. When ordering frozen items without having previously contacted Yoshiya to confirm the transportation method, Yoshiya has the right to ship all items in normal boxes.

Payment terms:

Unless anything else has been agree, the invoiced amount is drawn from the client's credit card when the goods are shipped.


In case the supplied item has a flaw, the client - in case there is a desire to raise a claim - must immediately contact Yoshiya and inform us of the details. In case such notice haven't been given within 3 days after receiving the item, regardless of whether or not the client has found or should have found the flaw, the client no longer has the right to raise the claim. In case the item is damaged, the claim must be made with GLS, if they have delivered the package. If a wrong item has been received, Yoshiya will send the correct item free of charge, and will only in very rare cases ask to have the wrong item returned. If Yoshiya asks to have the wrong item returned, Yoshiya will also cover the freight costs. The client is requested to use the same packing materials and box it arrived in to return the item.


Items can only be returned in special cases, though no later than 8 days after receipt, and only after written consent from Yoshiya. Given that these are food items, it will normally not be possible to return them, as Yoshiya must be able to guarantee an unbroken supply chain, so clients can be sure to always receive items of the expected quality. When returning, the client must supply packing slip and invoice number as well as delivery date. Returns are at the client's cost and risk.

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