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Welcome to Yoshiya!

We are a Danish-Japanese couple, who - after having lived abroad for many years - now have a cozy home in Billund, where we will do our best to inspire others to enjoy Japanese cooking as much as we do.

We weren't happy with the selection of Japanese food items in the existing web shops here, and in many cases we also felt the prices were a bit challenging, so we decided to start our own shop offering the absolutely best prices possible for a wide selection of goods.

It's very important for us that our goods are produced in countries, where you can trust regulations and food inspection systems, so you will find that the few items that are not produced in Japan, are either from the USA, EU, or Taiwan. The country of origin is clearly marked for all items in our shop. This has also resulted in us having had to select not to import certain goods that we would have otherwise liked to sell, but we hope that our clients will follow and appreciate our reasoning on this point.

Our mission is therefore to solely supply Japanese food items of the best quality - this means only Japanese brands or food items used in Japanese cooking. Some goods may look a bit exotic for a Dane, but this is because many of our clients are Japanese that live in Denmark. For that reason it's also important to us to always offer the best prices, so we can retain happy clients.

As stated, we live in Billund, and it's always possible to arrange pickup of orders from us, but it's important to arrange pickup in advance.

In case you are looking for something we don't have in the shop, or if you want tips or inspiration for good Japanese dishes, then don't hesitate to contact us on - we will reply as fast as we can, normally no later than the following work day. We are available for all sorts of inquiries, as long as they are related to Japanese cooking and ingredients. We read and write Danish, English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and several other languages, so we hope to be able to service you in your own language.

We are looking forward to helping you with anything you need for your Japanese cooking!

- Yoshiya -

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