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Niku means meat, and jyaga is short for jyagaimo, which means potatoes. So it's meat with potatoes that the name of this dish points to. At the same time it... Read More


Karaage is deep fried pieces of chicken, which we're making here in a vegetarian version using tofu. It's also super tasty and a bit healthier. What you need is: 1... Read More
Nem Tangsalat med Tofu

Easy Seaweed Salad with Tofu

This is an easy and healthy salad, which takes a few moments to prepare. What you need is: 1 pack of House Premium Tofu Soft1 pack of Kurakon Seaweed SaladPossibly... Read More

Pork fried in sesame dressing

This is a super easy dish, if you have already had your meat cut in advance and can just take it out of the freezer. Otherwise you need to prepare... Read More
Svinekød stegt i sesamdressing
Okonomiyaki - japansk madpandekage

Okonomiyaki - Japanese savoury pancake

Pancake is probably a bit of a stretch, but that is what it's often called. Okonomiyaki is a dish originally from Osaka, and which has since developed in many directions... Read More

Udon noodles with onsen eggs

This is an easy and delicious lunch dish using thick udon noodles. Here we're making the really easy version with fresh noodles in a pack with soup concentrate. Onsen eggs... Read More
Udon-nudler med onsen-æg
Japansk salatdressing

Japanese salad dressing

Here is an easy and really delicious salad dressing, which is best to make using a food processor or a cutting tool on a staff blender. What you need is:... Read More


Oden is one of the most fantastic dishes that we make as often as we can. Everybody who has been to a Japanese konbini, meaning a convenience store like 7-Eleven... Read More
Svinekød og grøntsager stegt i Teriyaki Sauce med honning

Pork and vegetables fried in Teriyaki Sauce with honey

Here is one more of the dishes in our series of easy meals made using teriyaki sauce. You can use most leftovers of meat and vegetables you might have in... Read More

Chicken and potatoes fried in teriyaki sauce with garlic

We're making a series of recipes showing how easy and delicious it is to use teriyaki sauce for normal day dishes. Here we have prepared chicken and potaties and cooked... Read More
Kylling og kartofler stegt i teriyakisauce med hvidløg

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