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Furikake Demon Slayer Mini-pack - 50 gr (20 breve) *stop food waste*

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*Best before 23/5 2024 - usually good after*

Furikake (rice topping) in small sachets, which fit perfect for a child serving of rice. There are four flavors - egg, salmon, bonti, and vegetable.

The pack contains 20 sachets, 5 of each.

The list of ingredients is below here, as the pack is too small for us to be able to make a product label, which is readable.

Country of origin: Japan

Ingredients (allergy sources in capitals):

【EGG】SESAME, WHEAT flour, sugar, chicken EGG processed product, LACTOSE, salt, SOYBEAN processed products, MARGARINE, strained bean paste, miso, dried shaved BONITO, DAIRY product, reduced starch syrup, extract (chicken, yeast, BONITO, SEAFOOD), chicken powder, EGG-shell calcium, shortening, dried SEAWEED, SOYBEAN sauce, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, chicken fat, yeast, mirin, sea lettuce, matcha, dextrin / monosodium glutamate (E621), EGG-shell calcium, antioxidants [vitamin E (E306)], carotene coloring (E160a).

【SALMON】 SESAME, SOYBEAN processed products, LACTOSE, sugar, salt, WHEAT flour, SALMON, chicken EGG processed product, processed fat, oil, reduced starch syrup, MARGARINE, strained bean paste, miso, DAIRY products, EGG-shell calcium, extract (chicken, yeast), shortening, flavor oil, paste, chicken powder, SOYBEAN sauce, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, yeast, chicken fat / monosodium glutamate (E621), EGG-shell calcium, coloring [monascus, carotene (E160a)], antioxidant [vitamin E (E306)].

【BONITO】 SESAME, dried shaved BONITO, LACTOSE, sugar, salt, WHEAT flour, SOYBEAN sauce, chicken EGG processed products, shortening, SOYBEAN processed products, reduced starch syrup, MARGARINE, BONITO powder, extract (BONITO, chicken, yeast, SEAFOOD), SEAWEED calcium, strained bean paste, mirin, miso, paste, DAIRY products, chicken powder, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, yeast, sea lettuce, matcha, chicken fat, dextrin / monosodium glutamate (E621), EGG-shell calcium, coloring [caramel (E150a), carotene (E160a)], antioxidants [vitamin E (E306)].

【Vegetable】 roasted SESAME, WHEAT flour, sugar, salt, BONITO flakes, SOYBEAN sauce, processed fats and oil, processed chicken EGG, seaweed calcium, LACTOSE, strained bean paste, SARDINE powder, processed SOYBEAN product, MACKEREL powder, SESAME, MISO, BONITO powder, DAIRY product, extracts (chicken, BONITO flakes, yeast, SEAFOOD), dextrin, nori (seaweed), reduced starch syrup, chicken powder, high fructose corn syrup, mirin, yeast, DHA-containing refined FISH oil, chicken fat, sea lettuce, matcha, pepper / monosodium glutamate (E621), EGG-SHELL calcium, colorings [caramel (E150a), carotene (E160a)], antioxidant [vitamin E (E306)], flavoring.

Nutrition information:

Per serving: Egg 2,5 gr Salmon 2,5 gr Bonito 2,5 gr Vegetable 2,5 gr
Energy: 46 kj/11 kcal 46 kj/11 kcal 42 kj/10 kcal 46 kj/11 kcal
Protein: 0,50 gr 0,51 gr 0,62 gr 0,42 gr
Fat: 0,58 gr 0,58 gr 0,47 gr 0,60 gr
Carbs: 0,98 gr 0,97 gr 0,91 gr 1,10 gr
Salt: 0,19 gr 0,23 gr 0,29 gr 0,18 gr
Calcium: 54 mg 40 mg 43 mg 57 mg

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